About Me:

HI, my name is Joseph, I am a film vfx graduate from Nanyang Polytechnic and I'm currently working as a freelance photographer as well as a food photographer for UberEats, The foodist & Plumfood. I specialize in Food Photography & Prop Styling. My photography journey first started when I was taught the basics during my days in polytechnic. I decided to invest in a camera system and further my photography through self-teaching and became a hobbyist, shooting landscapes as well as portraits and food during my free time. Now, photography has been a part of my life.

Not long after i began working with Ubereats who provided me with a sheer number of clients. Through these clients, I was given the chance to hone my skills not only in the aspects of photography as well as in Food & Props Styling. It wasn't long before I excelled in this field and started doing major projects. I would like to thank my clients again for giving me this chance to shoot their dishes and products. I believe that in the years to come, I will provide even more stunning images and fulfill more satisfied clients through my hard work and sheer determination.  Finally, This site, aka Joseph Tay Photography is a compilation of my best work as a photographer. It serves as my personal portfolio. 


  • The Sandwich Guys
  • Caffe Zeppin
  • Kara Cafe
  • Tash Tish Tosh
  • Ramen Bowl
  • Waterbath Chef
  • The Old Malaya Cafe
  • UberEats
  • The Foodist
  • Plum Food
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